Two Kinds Of Life

Two Kinds Of Life

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This book is an unveiling of the difference between our natural human life, and the knowledge that is derived from our five senses, in the Life and Nature of God

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Eternal life is the Nature of God

It is a strange thing that the Church has majored manner of life or behavior rather than Eternal life which determines in a very large way the manner of life

It is called conversion, the New Birth, and the New Creation

It is man receiving the very life and nature of God Almighty

It is, in reality, God imparting His very Nature, Substance and Being to our human spirits

It will thrill and challenge you

Its leaders have never realized the possibilities that this New Nature offers to men

Receiving Eternal Life is the most miraculous incident or event in live

Some have called it getting religion

The Church has never majored this New Creation fact

The Greek word is Zo , the new kind of Life that Jesus brought to the world

The New Creation, then, is a miracle thing

This book is a thrilling study of what this Life and Nature of God means to the child of God

This book is not a new Philosophy, it is an unveiling of a lost truth, the most vital of all that God has given to us in Christ

This nature of God recreates man's spirit and makes him a new species among men