Lenovo Thinkpad Protector Shoulder Strap - 1 - 12.2

Lenovo Thinkpad Protector Shoulder Strap - 1 - 12.2" Height X 3.5" Width Length - Black - Nylon

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The ThinkPad Protector Shoulder Strap is a padded nylon strap that attaches to the connecting pegs on the back of the ThinkPad Protector case for both Helix and ThinkPad 10

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The rip-stop nylon provides a strong secure strap and the wide shoulder pad provides comfort for long term use.Long adjustable rip-stop nylon construction

The strap is adjustable and can be configured to a carrying mode that best suits the user

Wide padded shoulder cushion Customized attach connectorsCompatible with both ThinkPad Helix and ThinkPad 10 Protector Cases /p