Homei - Weekly Gel Color Ne-16 Stardust 9Ml

Homei - Weekly Gel Color Ne-16 Stardust 9Ml

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Brand from Japan: Homei

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Curing time is a standard

Curing time UV light about 120 seconds 36W , LED light about 60 seconds 6W

Fill the weakly gel series without sanding, harden with UV light or LED light to complete

Gel nail, which is complete with one bottle color top is one

How to use To prevent sedimentation of contents, shake it gently so as to roll various gels, mix well with a brush before use

It depends on the equipment used

Paint twice with your liking

Test with one finger and use

UV wavelength / LED cured at 350 to 400 nm wavelength

Understand that there are individual differences in nail stickiness.

When peeling, take gel of cinnabar with toes and gently remove it towards your fingertips

When turning off, just peel off Petit