Chicago-Latrobe 53451, 190C 1/2

Chicago-Latrobe 53451, 190C 1/2" Reduced Shank Silver & Deming Drill

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Chicago-Latrobe, 53451, 190C, 1/2" Reduced Shank Silver & Deming Drill, Straw Finish 51/64" Features: Larger size general-purpose drills with 1/2" reduced shank

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118 deg split point for easier, more precise penetration

Application Carbon steel Alloy steel Cast iron Use wherever maximum chuck capacity is 1/2 quot .

Manufactured from cobalt premium high-speed steel for use in highly abrasive applications

Standardized lengths result in minimal adjustment during tool changes in screw machines and machining centers

Straw finish adds lubricity and easily identifies cobalt drills